About Xion

Xion is a management consultancy which delivers skilled executive and management resources to European incubator and start-up organisations and entrants into the European market.

Xion was formed by experienced industry executives who recognised the need of these businesses to accelerate their companies to profitability while maintaining close control of operating expenses.

Xion delivers business acceleration by providing a team of skilled executives which match the stage of development of our clients. In one client, for example, this could mean providing an interim CEO for six months, whilst in another this may require a full-time sales and marketing team. In all cases Xion matches the resource requirement, and eliminates the need to make permanent hiring decisions until the business has developed a solid financial foundation.

Our commitment to our clients is assured by our shared risk business model.

Xion would typically be engaged by a Board of Directors or the CEO of the existing entity, and would remain engaged until the roles are filled by permanent staff. Xion can continue involvement with clients on a consulting basis, or provide an independent non-executive director.


Xion recognises the importance of our clients’ confidentially. Each team member represents themselves as a full-time employee of the client, maintains all client data securely, and does not work for competitive clients.

Business Sectors

Xion’s executives and associates come from the communications, branding and information technology arena and have operated across multiple industries.

The team is experienced in establishing sustainable, highly profitable European companies in the following areas:

  • Customer management systems
  • Customer billing systems
  • Operational support systems
  • Telecoms network/infrastructure management
  • Energy management
  • Entertainment/content companies
  • These companies include:
  • Software product companies
  • Bespoke solution developers
  • Hosted application providers
  • Hardware distribution
  • Brand companies

  • Client Profiles:

Xion clients fall into three categories

  • European start-up with 5 to 50 employees: companies which have developed a strong technology offering and are ready to take this to market. Xion provides the sales, marketing and deliver team to achieve this
  • US corporations planning to enter the European market: organisations which already have established themselves in their domestic market, and are now ready to move into the European Union. Xion can save considerable time by providing the full company infrastructure “out of the box”.
  • Spin-off of large corporation: a large company may have identified a new market but may be reluctant to defocus its existing business. Xion can provide the full business team to develop the newly identified market.


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