Incubator businesses are in a paradoxical position. On the one hand they are often the very companies which need the highest calibre individuals in their organisation to kick start the sales and marketing growth. On the other, they are often the ones with more limited financial resources. This means that many such organisations are unable to attract and retain the top talent they need to grow the business effectively.

To achieve rapid revenue and profitability, an organisation needs clear vision and leadership, focused action, and an experienced and competent team to deliver this. Typically this means hiring:

  • Chief Executive/Operating Officer
  • Head of Sales
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Delivery
  • Head of Development
  • Head of IT
  • Finance Director
  • Legal Advisor
  • HR and Administration

During the “incubator” phase a number of these roles will have been filled by the founders of the business, with one person fulfilling several responsibilities.

Each of these is a key responsibility in the business, and having the right level of skill and expertise is vital to ensuring business success and scalability.

When entering the “acceleration” phase, these individual roles need to be taken on by a specialist in each area. Clearly, undertaking this level of recruitment is costly in time, recruitment fees and salaries, and few companies have the financial resources to hire a full time team to achieve this. Additionally, in the early stage of business acceleration, not all these roles need to be full time.


A senior Xion executive will undertake a business evaluation review of between one to three weeks, depending on the size of the client. This will effectively be a health check for the business and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business. This review will include:

  • an assessment of the market size and opportunity for the product/service
  • the market positioning
  • assess the product match to the business opportunity
  • sales channels - defining direct and indirect sales and partnering programmes
  • the value proposition, the price points and opportunity to increase profit per sale.
  • An assessment of the individuals in the existing team and define how to capitalise on their key skills and experience

Following this review Xion will produce a plan for moving into the acceleration phase. This plan will define the business goals, team structure, and finance required to deliver the results.

Funding, Stages and Timing

During each stage of evolution, a business requires funding. Many businesses start off funded only by cashflow, which can be a significant constraint to rapid business growth. It is often desirable to bring forward growth through additional funding, and Xion is well placed to enable this. In the first instance, Xion will define the business model, and develop a business plan in a way which is easily grasped by Venture Capital companies and other investors, and provide detailed supporting financial plan.


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