Xion can provide a range of resources and services from a small consulting project with one part-time or interim executive through to the full management team for a new business. The skill-sets and experience ensure we can deliver in the following areas:

Business Development and Sales

One of the key priorities of any business is the development of a stable and sustainable revenue stream, and achieving this as rapidly as possible. Xion’s team has extensive experience in implementing effective sales processes, and has the skill base to ensure sales success. The key components of this process include:

Market Presence: The Xion team has effectively created significant market awareness for several start-up companies, positioning them as industry leaders. This has been achieved through gaining press coverage, speaking at major industry events and very focused cost-effective advertising.

Market Analysis: Xion can undertake market assessment, identifying, targeting and prioritising the prospective customer base.

Lead Generation: defining and executing a lead generation programmes, typically using a blend of direct marketing and telesales

Sales Qualification: Many inexperienced sales people do not effectively qualify their prospects and therefore waste significant time and sales resource. Money, Authority and Need is still the most effective qualifier, if a little simplistic.

Sales Cycle Management: Closely controlling the sales process to accelerate the customer decision cycle. One of the keys to sales success is in understanding the customer’s buying processes and procurement policies to ensure a sale does not come derailed through overlooking issues such as the need to go to open tender.

Closing: An area where many sales people perceive a problem. If the sales process has been managed effectively, a sales closes itself, and all the sales person has to do is ask for the order. At Xion we are never afraid of asking for the business, it’s what we’re here for.

Maximising Revenue Per Client: Once a client has been identified it is essential to maximise your businesses return on the sales investment. Xion’s sales philosophy is to ensure that discounts are minimised, product/service revenues maximised, and that any additional revenue opportunities areas executed on.

Target-Specific Marketing: Often to win major corporations as clients it is necessary to undertake a very focused marketing and sales campaign. The Xion team have won multi million dollar recurring contracts with many of the largest corporations in Europe, generally this has been achieved using sales and marketing campaign designed to secure a specific client.


  • Corporate communications
  • Product marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Investor relations
  • Public relations
  • Event management
  • Competitive intelligence pricing and modelling
  • Branding and advertsing
  • Media buying

Sales acceleration

  • Recruitment and structuring of sales force
  • Direct sales
  • Channel sales
  • Telesales
  • Internal sales
  • Presales technical staff


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